Grafixx EXT.: ROES residency @ Destelheide

Thu 04.05.23 - Mon 31.07.23


with Destelheide

© Illustratie: Eva Lynen | Ontwerp: Louis Reith

In an attempt to escape from reality, many seek intoxication. This boundless moment where the irrational and thoughtless is celebrated lies somewhere in the twilight zone between reality and dream. Is it always equally pleasant to dwell in intoxication? What does that escapism entail?

During the fourth Grafixx artists’ residency in Destelheide, Eva Lynen, Arthur Devisscher and Jeanne Ribbens each went in search of a personal translation of this intoxication.
Destelheide 66

Arthur Devisscher

Arthur Devisscher studied illustration at LUCA School of Arts, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent. While working, his stories unfold into images that pay tribute to nature and the animal kingdom. During the artist residency in Destelheide, this illustrator wants to further explore how text can be incorporated into his images. In the process, he will disappear into his work, wander around, and hopefully reappear.

Eva Lynen

Eva Lynen works as an illustrator and visual artist. Within her visual work, she shows herself to be a storyteller. With invented characters and locations, she searches for the right setting to depict an event. These are sometimes based on personal experiences but often on the everyday banality of life. The stories are interpreted by different characters. All this results in colourful and playful images where colour and composition play an important role.

Jeanne Ribbens

Illustrator Jeanne Ribbens lives and works in Antwerp. Besides designing board games and toys, her love of play is also reflected in her own artistic practice. With murals and through printing techniques such as screen printing and risography, she creates visual stories typified by bright colour combinations and overlaps. In these imaginative compositions, space is given as much of a narrative role as the characters moving around in it.