With the imprint Sporen, Grafixx publishes low budget books that fill gaps within the comics field. These publications are spread to (inter)national bookstores by distributors Pinceel, kuš! and Domino Books, and sold worldwide in the Grafixx webshop.


Because © Younsik Woo


With this black comedy, Younsik Woo traces the roots of a certain conflict in Korea following the release of radioactive wastewater from Fukushima. Linking the various causes with the phrase “because of”, at the same time she illustrates how irrational beliefs can exacerbate friction.


2023 | 20 x 15 cm | paperback with 24 pages, stapled | text in English | ISBN 9789464514056 | €7


Elders © Chiara Lammens


Chiara Lammens reports from the Ardennes, where nothing is what it seems. Through subtle details in her illustrations, she shows the collective human urge to be one with nature, to find solitude, peace and quiet. She keeps wandering, discovering new experiences around every bend.


2023 | 23 x 33cm | paperback with 34 pages, stapled | text in Dutch | ISBN 9789464514049 | €13

Imagine a Flaw © Son Ni

Imagine a Flaw

Son Ni’s Imagine a Flaw depicts the confinement of one’s own mind, and a longing to be free. Her seemingly abstract lines often attempt to flee from the restraints of time and space, and look for an accidental flaw amidst sheer perfection. They honour, if not celebrate, a certain personal imperfection that can be shared by many.


2022 | 11.5 x 18 x 0.2 cm | paperback with 24 pages in black and white, stapled | text in English | ISBN 9789464514025 | €5


Insert a Page (Halogen) © Chihoi

Insert a Page (Halogen)

Chihoi examines his collection of faded slides of old Hong Kong. He projects them on a wall and paints them like outdoor sketches. These touristic photos of the past that were largely ignored by locals, have gradually become part of the collective memory over decades. To insert a page is to add one more piece of puzzle. The paintings commemorate the light of a lost era.


2022 | 12.8 x 18 x 0.3 cm | paperback with 36 pages in four-colour print, glued | no text | ISBN 9789464514032 | €9


No Magic Please © Aphichat Orn Rodwathnakul

No Magic Please

Author Aphichat Rodwathnakul – better known as “Uncle Orn” – created a furore in the 1980s and 1990s, when cheap katun-lem-la-Baht comics were read all over Thailand. Sporen trawls through his archives and presents not only a new short story but also an extensive selection from his sketchbooks. These show everyday life in Thailand and the illustrator’s fascination with the mystical.


2022 | 16.7 x 24 x 0.9 cm | paperback with 12 glossy, 12 lime, 4 pink and 96 pages in four-colour print, glued, pink wrapper | text in English and Thai | ISBN 9789464514018 | €20


Stone Blue Sky © Aidan Koch

Stone Blue Sky

A white heron lands in a pond he does not yet know. There he meets a chorus of frogs. Meanwhile, two people contemplate the origins of all life. They look through times like this. So what beginning would this story be about?


Aidan Koch‘s (1988, Seattle) work explores the tensions between our existence and that of non-human lives and landscapes. She has already published five visual stories and exhibits internationally. After years of wandering, Aidan now lives in the Mojave Desert, in California.


2021 | 22.1 x 15.8 x 0.6 cm | paperback with 64 pages, cover wrapper and double-sided insert | text in English | ISBN 9789464514001 | €15