Grafixx House Call is an English-spoken radio show about the life and work of illustrators and comics artists. Ephameron travels the world to talk to her favorite creatives about their work processes and inspiration sources. This project is organised in collaboration with We Are Various, the online community radio station broadcasting from De Studio and Het Bos in Antwerp.



Nicolas Burrows’ artistic practice consistently grows in contrasting and compelling directions: both abstract and figurative, both autonomous and commercial, both digital and manual — yet his spontaneous collage-based works are unified by his signature colourful geometric designs.


London-based illustrator Laura Carlin weaves a colourful world of wonder out of textured illustrations, children’s books and ceramics, bringing life to grey landscapes and a sense of comedy to the tiniest of human figures…


In Ghent, Jan Van der Veken carefully designs a playful world where characters meet and create without limits. He combines interests in modernist architecture and nature with a passion for flying and collecting — resulting in unique books, illustrations and personal work.


For Grafixx House Call, artist-teacher-curator Ephameron travels the world to visit some of her favourite creative friends. During her 3-month residency in Bangkok, she talked with Tuna Dunn, an up-and-coming artist known for her minimalist linework, bathing in a muted colour palette.


For Grafixx House Call, artist-teacher-curator Ephameron travels the world to visit some of her favourite creative friends. Episode eight was taped in New York with Nora Krug, the illustrator and author who documents war experiences by investigating the everyday repercussions of conflict.


Artist-teacher-curator Ephameron travels the world to visit some of her favourite creative friends. In Philadelphia she meets with Tara Booth to talk about making art and using humour to process traumatic experiences or mental health issues, and her journey to become a painter who does comics — or a comics artist who paints.


Atak is a versatile artist who is well-known for his colourful compositions. His expressive and detailed visual language takes inspiration from art history, but also eagerly references modern pop culture.


Gabri Molist loves spending his days drawing curious people. Also a self-publisher and the driving force behind Zine Club at the Muntpunt library in Brussels, he drew the Grafixx 2022 poster. At the festival, he presents an installation that searches for the interaction between text and image. WAV staff member Stans interviews him about his work and inspirations.


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Illustrator Goele Dewanckel draws, walks and gardens in the French Jura region. Her books can be recognised by their robust lines and sophisticated colour palette. She is not afraid of unruly themes. At Grafixx, she shows the originals of recent publications on war and subjugation, Grafixx collaborator Ansgar Reul questions her in The Studio about her work and sources of inspiration.


Artist-teacher-curator Henning Wagenbreth is also a musician-performer-designer. Topics of this conversation with Ephameron include the role of colour and humour in his work, and the influence of popular art, mathematics, and political awareness.


Aisha Franz(DE), Colorama(DE)

As an artist, Aisha Franz makes comics to process life events by turning them into fictional stories. Her BFF Johanna Maierski is committed to publishing, distributing and promoting the work of talented people through Colorama. Together, this dynamic duo organizes innovative comics-based projects under the name of Clubhouse …


This season, Ephameron drives to Berlin for some inspiring conversations. Comics author Olivier Schrauwen moved there from Belgium a long time ago. He is well-known for his experimental graphic novels, in which he continually crosses the limits of storytelling and drawing. At Grafixx festival in November 2022, he will exhibit the originals of his upcoming graphic novel Sunday. Tune in for a sneak peek behind the scenes!


In our second episode, Ephameron flies to Los Angeles to meet Dabs & Myla, her longtime Australian friends. This dynamic duo has settled in the USA, where they have built out a successful art practice together. In their studio, they balance high profile jobs and celebrity clients by creating colourful canvasses and painting graffiti murals out in the streets.


For episode 1 of Grafixx House Call, Ephameron was invited to stay with Aidan Koch, a Mojave desert resident whose mesmerizing graphic novel Stone Blue Sky was just launched by comics imprint Sporen. Since finally meeting in real life in 2012, these kindred spirits have collaborated on many projects. Ephameron questions Aidan about what inspires her in nature, art and life.


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For the final episode of the season, we have Brecht Vandenbroucke as our guest. This visual artist and illustrator has already published several zines and books, of which White Cube is by far the best-known work. Brecht paints, makes installations, and has even designed fabrics for Walter Van Beirendonck and Prada. We talk about Marvel as religion, Walt Disney and Indiana Jones.


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In this episode, for once Ephameron does not ask questions from the sidelines, but tries to answer them there. An illustrator and artist, she also curates the visual festival Grafixx. Ephameron has already published numerous zines and books, such as the graphic novel Us Two Together. This week, her new pitch Nooit meer alleen is in shops. We talk about Sex & The City, pain and love, and frogs and toads.


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The mysterious comic and cartoonist Bart Schoofs published the series Morgen weer een dag, among others. He works for several magazines and newspapers, such as Knack. Very little can be found about him on the internet and in newspaper archives. We discuss with him in this episode his medical transports, keep doing it and Taartje Aardbei.

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Cousins Lukas Verstraete and Martha Verschaffel are illustrators, bookmakers, neighbours, and perhaps each other’s best friend. You will know Martha from her debut album Lily; Lukas published Een boek waarmee je vrienden maakt en Ramone. Today, we take a look at their bookshelves and talk about growing up in an artistic family, erasing everything, bawdy grease and gorillas eating women.


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Today we sit down with Gerda Dendooven. This illustrator, writer and theatre maker has already published dozens of books. For her projects, she meticulously chooses the medium best suited to tell the story. We will talk about life as one big torment, a box of prizes and hide-and-seek in the dark.