Grafixx EXT.: WILDGROEI @ Destelheide

Thu 16.05.24 - Sat 31.08.24

Exhibition, Residency

in cooperation with Destelheide

Destelheidestraat 66, Dworp (BE)

Illustratie: Hanna van Dun & Thomas Janssens - Ontwerp: Louis Reith

Wild growth is growth of a heady, unbridled and unbounded nature. Beyond the natural context of plants and other organic life forms, wild growth can take place in numerous circumstances: dormant concoctions, spontaneous interactions, undisguised new curiosity, and of course, the process of making. One thing leads to another, and the other in turn sends us down a previously unthinkable path.

What forms can unlimited proliferation take? During the fifth Grafixx artist residency at Destelheide, Charlot Vael, Hanna van Dun, Tijs Van Nieuwenhuysen and Thomas Janssens will each explore their own translation of ‘WILDGROEI’, and ways in which their work can overlap.

Hanna van Dun

Hanna van Dun (°1995, Turnhout) studied Illustration at Sint Lucas Antwerp and works as a visual artist and photographer. Her work embodies the conversations between her own inner world and the outside world. By transforming her thoughts and emotions into visual work, van Dun finds herself. With colour, humour and playfulness, she creates her own place in the chaos.

Tijs Van Nieuwenhuysen

Tijs Van Nieuwenhuysen (°1994, Turnhout) studied Visual Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent and is a visual artist and designer. His installations and abstract graphic work stem from a fascination with impermanence and the uncontrollable. By exposing his designs to the elements of nature, he creates artworks that are in a continuous state of change.

Charlot Vael

Charlot Vael (°2000, Bornem) studied Illustration at Sint Lucas Antwerp and obtained her master’s degree in Fine Arts at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. Vael’s oeuvre documents curiosities, a theme she peppers with original stories in bright colours. She sees beauty in the chance compositions created at flea markets and thrift shops, and captures the brief encounters of these objects.

Thomas Janssens

Thomas Janssens (°2000, Hasselt) studied Graphic Storytelling at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. In his drawings and creations, Janssens dances on the border between abstraction and figuration, achieving visual poetry by subconsciously connecting the viewer to reality through geometric shapes and volumes. The boundary between knowing and not knowing finds a form in complex constructions made up of simple shapes.