Grafixx EXTD. #7

Mon 25.03.2024 - 20:00

moderation by Obi Mundorff


Grafixx EXTD. #7 Illustration: luk duflou l Design: Louis Reith

Grafixx is more than a festival around graphic arts. Our in-depth evening Grafixx EXTD. brings together various speakers from the field. On 25 March, printers, publishers and artists with a passion for printmaking will share the stage. They will explain why certain techniques excite, and present their most remarkable projects in woodcut, letterpress or CMYK.


zwartopwit was founded in 1935 by his grandfather, and Manu Lemeur permanently put the company on the map in recent decades as the sustainable printing company that has even been fully climate-neutral since 2017. Recently, graphic designer Stoffel Van den Bergh joined the team to handle specialised printing using Superdruk‘s historic analogue presses.

luk duflou

The focus of luk duflou‘s art practice is relief printing. A teacher of graphics and illustration for many years, he uses printing techniques to create fairy-tale narratives that depict the poetry of everyday reality. Influences run from 15th-century prints to Suske and Wiske, Mickey Mouse and the Japanese woodcut. His handmade books appear in limited editions, but recently publisher Bries released the block book Rinkrank in an offset version.

Kaatje Vermeire

Kaatje Vermeire is an illustrator who sees her work as a vulnerable process, preferring to get her hands dirty in the process. On the printing press, she breathes life into her stories, with exciting images full of meaning. Loose elements are cut from offset plates, plexiglas or cardboard, and printed layer after layer on painted backgrounds. This is how she builds up nature scenes and fictional settings, with vivid characters narrating big and intense emotions.